Customized Higher Education Research for Targeted Results

We bring a wealth of experience to the higher education research field, and rely on academically rigorous and well-tested quantitative and qualitative methods to uncover your audiences' preferences, goals, and perceptions of your institution or organization.

Constituent Research partners with marketing, communications, and strategy firms to provide them with optimal research and analytical support. Formulating truly innovative outreach strategies in higher education requires a complete understanding of your audience. We're proud to provide the data and analyses that drives these efforts forward.

Constituent Research has also worked with a broad range of organizations, non-profits, and private firms that focus on educational as well as the arts and cultural sectors. Our past clients include museums, performing arts organizations, and other cultural programs.

Find Out:

  • What “how to’s” should your team keep in mind when designing a survey for your key constituents?
  • Which aspects of your communications, branding or programming most resonate with your audience?
  • What metrics and data points are most critical to understanding your constituents?
  • How can you directly engage influencers and stakeholders such as high-potential donors, employers, and community leaders?