Broaden and deepen your Alumni's Engagement

Highly engaged, loyal and connected alumni are key for your institution. Constituent Research's unique and flexible approach to understanding alumni relations and advancement uses a wide variety of analytical and qualitative research methods. We will recommend the necessary approaches to provide the metrics and the comprehensive context of your alumni you and your team need.

Find Out:

  • How your alumni’s experiences as students impact their current engagement with you
  • What factors motivate your alumni to give, what motivates your current donors to give more (or more frequently), and how to best motivate your lapsed and non-donors to start giving
  • How to design an alumni engagement index that works for your institution and team and how to track it over time
  • How to best incorporate engagement and giving metrics into future communications and outreach
  • Your alumni’s communication and participation behaviors and preferences
  • How to use qualitative and quantitative research techniques to most effectively understand and reach out to less-engaged alumni

Contact Constituent Research to learn more about some low-effort, high-impact ways to better understand your alumni, and to make the most use of the data you’re already collecting.